Custom-Made Feather Rock Outdoor Fountains

Let Minerals in Symmetry in Discovery Bay, California, install beautifully made feather rock outdoor fountains in your lawns and gardens. We offer a few different colors of feather rock as well.


Having a fountain in your home drowns out unwanted noise, and makes your home environment more serene. All of our fountains come with a remote control to turn the water on and off and to control lighting. We will make an on-site service call if a complete unit failure occurs within the first 30 days. Soon, we will be offering solar pumps as well; these come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Style, Size, and Customization
Each of our five styles is dramatically different from the others, and can be customized depending on your needs. We can modify the height, lighting, and overall size of the fountain. Sizes range from 1 foot high up to 5 feet high for simple roll-over fountains.

Onsite Consultation
Call us today for an on-site consultation. We will assess your location and discuss with you where you want to place the fountain. If you're planning on redoing your yard, we want to work with you first. We have to get in and put the electrical wires into your location to save time and money.

For optimal visibility and audibility, we can put the fountain next to a seating area or near a window. We will also review where the sunrise and sunset will hit it, to best highlight the interaction of water and light. Other considerations include the proximity of water and power sources to the fountain.

Contact us in Discovery Bay, California, to learn more about our attractive feather rock outdoor fountains.